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I want you to give me hickeys sooo badly
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Karezoid aka Michał Karcz  (b. 1977, Warsaw, Poland) - Epicenter, 2014    Digital Arts
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kill the imposter
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It’s sad that nude photos or sexual photos can be used against women to get money or to ruin their careers.

It’s sad that the natural female body and/or a women being sexual is still looked at as shocking and is frowned upon and can result in either of those things happening.

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Paola Rojas H.
" Hair is associated with sexual power. With passion. The woman’s sexual passion needs to be minimized, so that the spectator may feel that he has the monopoly on such passion”

Ways of Seeing - John Berger
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this is my favorite mugshot because I’ve never seen such perfect contouring 


do people really sleep spooning through the entire night? i mean it’s a cute sentiment and all but, even if i love you, at a certain point you need to get the fuck up off me

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